The Fights Over Public Health Recommendations Told Our Enemies How to Strike Us

Can you live a few days with a mild inconvenience if it means keeping everyone safe?

If you will not comply with a request to stay home if you’ve been exposed to COVID, are you going to comply and turn off the lights during an air raid? (Image from image from the British Ministry of Information via Wikimedia Commons [Public Domain] )

With the recent news that an unqualified judge struck down the requirement for masks on public transportation (airplanes, trains, buses, etc.), videos started surfacing of people celebrating…



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René F. Najera, MPH, DrPH

DrPH in Epidemiology. Associate/JHBSPH. Adjunct/GMU. Epidemiologist at a county health dept. Editor, History of Vaccines. Father. Husband. (He/Him/His/El)